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Tips For Selling Your Home

Both Interior and Exterior!

Here are some tips for preparing your house for showings and hopefully for a faster sale and richer price!

*In summer, keep a well-manicured lawn
and cleanly swept walks;
Remember to edge along sidewalks;

*In winter, snow and ice should be removed from walks and driveways.

*Prepare For Showing
Make your home as appealing as possible. Even before they enter the house.

The house should be Q-tip clean!
Especially the kitchen and baths. Kitchens and Bathrooms sell houses! Every surface should sparkle; every groove should be dirt free...and above all, wash the windows!

*Clutter. Pack up family photos, stacks of paper, medicines on countertops, books overflowing bookcases. Hide trash cans, ashtrays, laundry hampers, the kitchen sponge, the cat's litter box and food dishes!

"Clutter eats equity," says Barb Schwartz, the self-proclaimed inventor of home staging and author of 'Home Staging: The Winning Way to Sell Your House for More Money.'

*Color. Dark walls make the house look smaller. Walls should be off-white, or have earthy tones if the room has lots of light. Ideally, the carpet would be "real estate beige." Open or take down the curtains so the rooms will have as much light as possible. Leave on the lights in darker areas.

*Focal Point. To think like a professional stager, stand at the doorway of each room. What features do you want to accentuate? Where's the focal pint? (A room should only have one.) For example: If you have a fireplace and a big-screen TV - take out the TV. Arrange furniture so the eye is drawn to the focal point.

*Furniture. Most rooms have too much furniture, which makes rooms look smaller. Reduce the number of pillows on the couch to zero, or have an odd number like three. Remove afghans and blankets. Reduce the number of paintings on the walls.

*Dining Room. Take out the leaves from your dining table and put no more than four chairs around it. Set the table as if for a meal, and put an appealing centerpiece in the middle. Reduce the number of dishes in the china cabinet, leaving only a few.

*Kitchen. The exterior of the refrigerator should be bare. Store out of sight any appliances you don't use daily. Hide the trash can and put the cleaning sponge and soaps beneath the sink. You can spruce up an outdated kitchen simply by changing the knobs and hinges of the cabinets and cupboards! And remember, 'Q-tip clean!'

*Master Bedroom. Buy a new bedspread. Clear off bedside tables and chests of drawers. Hide the alarm clock. Concerning closets, pack up any clothing you're not using during that season; it'll make the space appear larger!

*Bathroom. Replace bar soap with liquid dispenser. Coordinate all towels using one or two colors. Fold them in thirds and hang them neatly. Clear everything out of the shower except for one bottle of liquid soap and one bottle of shampoo. Clean or replace the shower curtain. Make sure all grout is clean and in good condition. Remove toilet lid covers and keep the lid down. Hide the trash can.

*Outside. Keep the lawn mowed and the edges neat. Trim shrubs, especially around windows. Put flowering plants near the front door. Does the house need painting? Consider painting or staining the front door; it's one of the least expensive ways to spruce up the entry. If there's furniture on the porch, make sure it isn't plastic but rather quality wicker or wrought iron. Power-wash or stain the deck. Remove or hide old cans and bottles, auto parts, boats and RVs.

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